You will find Little Border Chateau in the village of Hlohovec near Lednice in the very corner of South Moravia. In 1996 it was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The building in Empire style is a part of Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, forming an architectural dominant on the shore of the Hlohovec pond. Little Border Chateau was constructed as one of the mansions of the Liechtenstein family who came there mainly in summer. The aristocrats did not have many duties and thus they were strolling around the chateau or looked from the balcony to admire the glistening waters of the lake which had the gold colour during day, fell into dark red mist in the evening and woke up into celestial blue in the morning.

The Liechtensteins wanted to have everything perfectly done. Many masters of various skills participated in the construction: a stone-mason from Mikulov, locksmiths from Lednice and Valtice, a gilder, glassman and decorator came from Vienna.

Little Border Chateau got its name from the border between the Moravian Margraviate and Lower Austria which crosscut it. On the facade there is still a German inscription: “Between Austria and Moravia”. The land was annexed to the Czechoslovak Republic in 1919, which destroyed the building´s particularity, however it did not touch its charm.A two-storey building with three pavilions and garden houses features illusive paintings of architecture. It is embedded among high trees and dark blue waters of the pond with an extraordinary sense of taste. The tourists tired of walking around Lednice-Valtic Cultural Landscape are attracted (besides the great architectonical and historical value) by the opportunity to have an excellent dish or drink, or take the advantage of accommodation situated in the quiet nature near the city of Lednice and whole Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape.

Being completely renovated in 1995-1996 by Jan Kašník, a native of Hlohovec, the building serves as a restaurant and an all-year hotel. The guests may enjoy the restaurant, coffee room, lounges and summer terrace not only for an occasional rest but also for different social events (business meetings, weddings, graduation and christening parties, family celebrations, exhibitions, company presentations, seminars etc.). A disabled friendly hotel was erected as a part of Little Border Chateau to provide the customers with the most comprehensive services.